Wedding Photography FAQ's

We want to book you - how does payment work?

To secure my Wedding Photography services on your Wedding date, all I require is a non-refundable booking fee which is 25% of the total price of your chosen Wedding Photography package. Your booking fee is deducted from the total price of your Wedding Photography package and the remaining balance can be paid no later than 2 calendar months prior to the date of your wedding day. If you want to pay the remaining balance before then, you’re more than welcome to do so! I also offer payment plans to help spread the cost of your Wedding Photography and if this is something you’re interested in, just drop me a message for more details!

Are you fully insured?

Absolutely! As a full time professional Wedding Photographer it is essential be fully insured. I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance for peace of mind. If your venue requires this, just drop me a message and I will happily provide you with a copy of my insurance certificate.

Where are you based & are you happy to travel?

I am based in Portsmouth, Hampshire which is along the South Coast. A lot of the weddings I photograph take place in Hampshire, West Sussex and East Sussex but I've also travelled much further away to capture memories for my couples. Travelling is one of my favourite parts of my job which is why I also cover the rest of the UK and destinations out of the country.

What equipment do you use?

If you look inside my camera bag you’ll find 2 professional level Nikon DSLR camera bodies and a range of high quality lenses which include various prime lenses (my favourite) and a few zoom lenses. You’ll also find 2 flash guns, lighting accessories, my pride and joy holdfast moneymaker dual camera strap and TONS of memory cards… it’s truly amazing how much equipment you can fit into one bag! In short, I carry professional level equipment and 2 of most things so I am ALWAYS prepared for any situation and have backup equipment if a piece of equipment were to fail whilst shooting your wedding.

Do we need to feed you on the day?

Yes please! For all of my full day wedding photography packages, it is written into the contract for you to provide me with a meal on the day. From experience, it works best for everyone to be in close proximity to my couple throughout the day… if some unexpected action were to take place, I want to be there to capture it! Most catering companies offer a supplier meal option and doesn't have to be anything fancy!

What if it rains?

Mother nature is the one aspect of your wedding day that you have no control over but never fear, your photographer is here! There are plenty of ways to still get gorgeous photos even if the weather isn’t great. From experience, even if it rains, it doesn’t normally rain for the entire day and as long as you are able to be flexible, there are usually windows of opportunity to pop outside for some outdoor photos. We can also work a few umbrellas into your shots which look awesome and add tons of fun to your wedding photos! As your photographer, it’s my job to always prepared which is why I always carry a few different umbrellas with me and is one less thing for you to worry about!

Do you photograph group shots?

Of course! Although, I encourage my couples to have group shots in moderation because they always take more time than you would imagine… family members have a habit of disappearing... mostly to the bar! They can quickly take over your day, losing you valuable time actually celebrating with your friends and family. Each group shot usually takes 5-10 minutes which is why I recommend having no more than 8 group combinations.

When will we receive our photos?

Your full wedding photography gallery will be delivered via your own personalised online gallery 6-8 weeks after the date of your wedding. This varies depending on what time of year it is and how many other wedding photography bookings I have at that particular time.

The editing process is where all the magic happens and I bring your photos to life in my own unique, individual style which has taken years to perfect. This is a long process that often takes way more hours than photographing your wedding itself and cannot be rushed.

Saying that, I absolutely understand how desperate you’ll be to see all the images from your special day, which is why I include a sneak peak of around 10 images within 7 days of your wedding to keep you going until you receive your full gallery.

Why is our online wedding gallery so valuable?

I include a complimentary personalised online gallery with ALL of my Wedding Photography packages because not only do they look great, they allow you access your images from any device at any time AND without taking up any of your storage! They also allow you to easily share your images with friends and family, even those not in the country, who will inevitably also be very excited to take a look.

How long do we have access to our online wedding gallery?

For at least 2 years! I want you to be able to a little peak at your photos and relive your memories from one of the most important days of your life any time you like!

You can photoshop us, yeah?

Technically yes I could… but I won’t be doing so! I’m all about celebrating everyones individual beauty and will not be using photoshop to make anyone slimmer, airbrush people or alter peoples appearance in any way (I’ve had some strange requests over the years!). The only time I’ll be using photoshop, other than in my usual editing, is to remove things such as an unsightly no smoking sign or bin lurking in the background of one of your images.

How many photographers will there be?

I prefer to work alone as from experience, each photographer has their own individual style/look and by having more than one photographer, there’s a chance of there being a conflict in styles. BUT if it’s something you’re absolutely set on, I work closely with a few reputable photographers who offer a second shooter service at an extra cost.

Do we receive ALL the photos taken?

You will receive every good photo taken on the day. The first stage of processing your images is for me to go through and cull any duplicate or unflattering images. If there is a photo that’s not been included, there’s always a good reason!

Can we get a copy of the un-edited RAW files?

I’m afraid not and this is for a few reasons.

Firstly, RAW/unedited images simply do not look that great! They’re shot in a way that allows me to get the best possible results in post-processing which don’t necessarily look the best straight out of the camera. The way that I edit is a crucial component of my photography and as a business, I cannot let any images with my name on them go out into the world that isn’t reflective of the amazing end results my couples pay me for.

Also, on the practical side of things, it would be very difficult, if not impossible to give you all of the RAW files as this format requires special software to even just open and view. Plus, with RAW files being much larger than the usual JPEG, the file sizes would be very impractical to send or transfer.

What happens if we loose our photos or break our USB stick?

Do not panic! I am a notorious backer upper! I back up your images to 2 different forms of cloud storage and 2 different physical hard drives which means even if you lose your images, I’ll always have a copy backed up. If this happens, you can simply order another USB from me or download a copy of your images yourself from your complimentary personalised online gallery (included in ALL of my wedding photography packages).

Do you do other types of photography?

Hell yeah! Explore the rest of my website! ☺️